Reflection of Who We Are

On 10-11 December 2015, FAMM-Indonesia supported by JASS organized a reflection on our work for the past 3 years. It was 2-days intensive meeting attended by management team and sub-national representatives and facilitated by Valerie Miller, our friend from JASS and Coady Institute. We also had Chan Kunthea from JASS-SEA who helped with minutes of the meeting.
We asked ourselves about our works in our organizations and how it contribute to FAMM-Indonesia work. Below is the summary of our discussion.
Who is FAMM?

  • Community of leaders
  • A safe space for women activists
  • Campus for women
  • Practicing collective powers
  • Place for learning of women activists
  • Community of feminist creative

What does FAMM do?

  • Increasing capacity for young women activist on power analysis
  • Organizing women activists around various issues
  • Creating sisterhood through safe space
  • Creating transformative feminists leaders
  • Accompanying members and networking
  • Connecting local networks to national and international networks
  • Challenging traditional and exclusive leadership

Why FAMM doing this? For what? What are the purpose?
To create, build, strengthen and sustain new generation of young women activists and leaders committed to equality and to challenge and change power for social justice.
Who are the members of FAMM?
Young women community organizers and activists who had participated in at least one MBI or intergenerational dialogue, who are working on a range of issues such as indigenous women issues, violence against women, resource’s rights (mining, land grabbing, palm oil, plantation, sea), LGBTs, children, fundamentalism, trade union, economic empowerment, sexuality & reproductive health, disability, ICTs.
We also draw map of our key allies. Our important allies are JASS, PEKKA and PESADA. The members’ organizations are our rich resources such as PPSW Borneo, DAMAR Lampung, ALPEN Sultra, Fahmina Institute, Bayt al Hikmah, Perempuan AMAN, Humanum, Kojigema Institute, Jejer Wadon, SAPUAN, etc. Other partners organization: Jurnal Perempuan, Tanda Baca, CYWEN, APC, local media (electronic and print). Also our previous donor: HIVOS.
The map won’t be complete without identifying key opponents which come from fundamentalist militia, globalization, extractive companies, military forces, policies/laws, local leaders, and media.
It was wonderful for all of us to get to know the connection of our works in our local organizations and in FAMM-Indonesia. We realize that this is part of movement building. We have common goals and are working together to achieve them with our tools, which many are provided by JASS and FAMM-Indonesia.
We need more resources to feed the seeds that we have helped to plant and to face the challenges and backlash. This reflection is a step forward to consolidate our collective power.

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